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What is this page all about? . . .

Here you will find a rather eclectic assortment of different sites either created by myself or links to other's sites that I have found pertinent to my own interests.

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    If you have a love for or an interest in philosophy, adaptive computer technology for the blind, Wicca, Thaumatergy, ghost stories, mysticism, ham radio and/or Commentary on News and Current events, then you're in the right place. I told you it was pretty eclectic!. If not, well you can hang around anyway if you like. Who knows, you might find something here of interest despite yourself, so brows away.

    Just what all is here" . . .

    First of all, by clicking on the link immediately below, you will be taken to my Electronic Lyceum. There you will find yourself keeping company with philosophers from all over the world, and from all of the major eras ranging from ancient Greece to nineteenth century America. This site is rather large, and there is a tremendous amount of reading material, so you are welcome to download at will.

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    The next site is devoted to Wicca, matters thaumatergical, astral-projection, ancient folk lore and mysticism. This is perhaps the site most dear to me for many reasons. Again, the reading material there is pretty extensive, so you are welcomed to download at will.

  • Click here in order to reach the site just referenced.

    Ghost stories and tales of the paranormal have always interested me, and I have a goodly collection of both at this next site of mine. Should you have any stories that you would like to share with me, I will accept them with great glee, so feel free to send them along. I am also more than happy to write hyperlinks to other related sites, should you have any particular sites in mind that you feel are especially good.

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    My More Mundane Interests . . .

    Now we turn to my more mundane interests.

    This next page of mine is devoted to adaptive computer technology, especially for dos lovers. Here you will find an ever growing assortment of utilities and links to other related sites that also provide a wealth of the same kind of material.

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    Here is a small page devoted to ham radio. At this site you will find links to other relevant cyber locations and you will also find a few programs that offer morse code training.

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    Lastly, I present to you a site consisting of a well-rounded collection of blind-friendly news-sources and my own personal blog and other commentary.

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    If you've enjoyed the content of this page, you are welcomed to contact me by way of ICQ; I would love to hear from you. You are also welcomed to email me if you'd like.

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